Our vision

Mersey Care’s vision is to lead the way in whole-person life-long care that helps people live happier, healthier lives.

Our strategy

strategy-wheel-15_2_21.pngMersey Care’s strategy is to pursue clinical excellence, population health and integration in our services, and to develop a deep understanding of the people and communities we serve in order to identify new ways to improve our services in the future and help them live healthier lives.

Read our Clinical Strategy 2020 to 2024.


Operational Plan

Each year we set out our priorities to move us closer to achieving the ambition set out in Mersey Care’s strategy.

In setting our operational priorities for 2021/22, we have sought to balance making progress towards our longer term strategy with the on-going management of COVID-19; the recovery of our services from the pandemic; and the increased demand we expect to see in a number of our services where COVID-19 has exacerbated long term physical and mental health conditions and created new mental health issues.